Mannitol solutions

Medicinal product Ardeaosmosol Ma 10% (Ma 15%, Ma 20%) contains mannitol as the active substance. The preparation is used to support diuresis in the prevention and therapy of oliguric phase of acute renal failure due to surgery, shock, trauma, burns, supportive therapy of edematous conditions, therapy and prevention of intracranial hypertension. In addition, the preparation is used in forced diuresis to accelerate the elimination of toxic substances with renal clearance in the therapy of intoxication and treatment of intraocular hypertension.

Ardeaosmosol Ma 10% (Ma 15%, Ma 20%)


 Ma 10%  Ma 15%  Ma 20% 
Active substance:      
Mannitolum   100,0 g  150,0 g 200,0 g 
Aqua pro iniectione ad    1000 ml    1000 ml     1000 ml 
Osmotic pressure: 1 327 kPa 1 991 kPa 2 655 kPa
pH: 4,0 - 7,0 4,0 - 7,0 4,0 - 7,0


Infusion solution

Description of the preparation: clear, colourless or no more than slightly yellowish solution


Infusion glass bottle with a rubber stopper and a metallic closure, carton box.

Package size: 1x 80 ml, 1x 100 ml, 1x 250 ml, 1x 500 ml, 20x 80 ml, 20x 100 ml, 10x 250 ml, 10x 500 ml