About us

ARDEAPHARMA a.s. is a producer of pharmaceutical products with a rich history. The company has operated on the market since 1996. It was created by way of a division of the original large-scale supplier joint-stock company into two independent entities. The current company was created from the part which had focused on pharmaceutical production. We hold a number of certificates (SVP GMP, ISO, laboratory for quality assurance of medical and auxiliary substances). 

Our main program is the production of injection, infusion and other parenteral solutions filled into glass containers. Furthermore, we carry out chemical, microbiological and biological tests for other pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers. We also sell packaging material for pharmaceutical purposes.

The company symbol and logo is the Ardea cinerea, whose Latin name is the basis of our company name. The motto "It is better with us" expresses our philosophy.We take care of the offer of our services, which we perform with the utmost precision and quality. We strive to meet all of our customers and we want to be just a reliable business partner.



Colours of Sepsis and ISICEM 2022

15. 03. 2022

ARDEAPHARMA take part in symposium in Ostrava at Colours of Sepsis and in Brussel at ISICEM 2022.

XI. Conference in Třeboň

15. 03. 2022

The Czech Medical Society JEP - The Society of Clinical Nutrition and Intensive Metabolic Care and the Czech Pharmaceutical Society - the Department of Hospital Pharmacists in cooperation with ARDEAPHARMA, a.s., Ševětín are organizing on April 28-29, 2022 IX. a professional conference on "Vztah energetické potřeby a elektrolytové rovnováhy"

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