Quality policy

ARDEAPHARMA’s core business is manufacturing infusion and injection products that are safe, effective, meet stringent regulatory standards and meet the needs of patients.


5 quality standards we follow

1. We protect people’s health. Through the medicines we produce and the services we provide, we help doctors and pharmacists fulfil their mission to treat and protect people’s health.

2. Effective treatment. At a time when health care costs are continually rising, we strive to promote infusion therapy as an effective and less costly method of treatment.

3. Top quality products. The highest priority of our company is to achieve a well-defined quality of manufactured drugs and top quality of services in controlling drugs and ensuring their delivery in the required time, range and quantity.

4. Innovation. We invest and introduce procedures and methods in the production and control of medicines reflecting the current state of scientific knowledge and technical progress.

5. We support our employees. We support and develop the professional and human qualities of our employees to create a successful future for our company.

We conduct all of our company’s activities in accordance with legal and other requirements relating to the protection and creation of the environment. We do not want to burden the environment with our activities, but on the contrary, we want to positively influence it by introducing effective pollution prevention and minimise and save these resources by making production more efficient and maximising the use of input resources.

In Ševětín on 5 May 2021
PharmDr. Jan Kouřil
Director of the Company, Member of the Board of Directors

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